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Urvashi Singh

Urvashi Singh
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Rajputana Collective

What started out by mere fate and serendipity has grown to be my home grown publication, Rajputana Collective. It stands etched in journalism history as the first independent publication to be curated, edited, designed, published and executed from one single desk.

After consciously deciding to stop printing after six successful editions, I took Rajputana Collective digital. The decision wasn’t an easy one to say the least, but I knew it was the need of the hour. Print costs were escalating over and above their already exorbitant prices, and given that this wasn’t a commercial venture for me, recovering the funding I allotted to printing was just about being met. Added to that was the cost cutting wave that hit even India’s premium hotels, severely causing reluctance to my demand supply chain.


I continue to be an avid lover of books and magazines in their printed form, and am often hit with the nostalgia of the good old days of print media. I couldn’t help but think- what would it be like if I was doing this somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s? I can only imagine, but the 90’s kid in me is well-versed with dramatically changing times, and so, I put my hand on my heart and threw Rajputana Collective open to the entire web space, far and beyond, wherein it was easily accessible to one and all. I haven’t regretted this move for a moment, but I allow myself to miss the thrill of printing the carefully drafted, re-drafted and proof read editions every now and then. 

Despite it not being my prime source of occupation (which is, as many of you might know, a little piece of heaven nestled in the Himalayas), Rajputana Collective hasn’t been my side hustle either. When Manali’s hotels were subject to a brief season time of 90 days per year, Rajputana Collective was my ikigai. The reason for me to spring up each morning and begin creating, showcasing and highlighting some of the many stories that I think matter, that deserve to be told, even through the humble confines of my desk. I have had the good fortune of connecting with some beautiful people situated remotely from me, people I doubt I would have had the chance of knowing had it not been for my publication.

7 years since it first started, Rajputana Collective has helped me grow. It has pushed the writer in me to evolve, and when I look back at how far we’ve come, I am overwhelmed by the sheer quantum of content created by my silly little stubborn will to draft historiography my way. Instead of complaining about history’s partial telling, I found my solace in Rajputana Collective, my cherished creation that serves an inclusive space to one and all who wish to be involved with it. Whatever they might be doing, no pursuit is too small for Rajputana Collective. It is the willingness to try that continues to drive and fascinate me.

Even though the frequency of Rajputana Collective’s features have reduced (due to the lack of print impetus), please be assured that it will go on, as organically as it has. I have been occupied with a related venture- a historical non fiction that I am in the final stages of editing, and can hope to launch in 2024. Until then, I crave and mostly manage finding tiny windows in between to go back to curating features for you to read.

Thank you for keeping me and Rajputana Collective in your hearts. All your love, recognition and support keep me going. I urge you to consciously support independent journalism, for in a saturated world of over information, it is the authentic, earnest voices that must continue to count. You make them count. Please don’t stop. I definitely won’t.

Jai Rajputana!
Veer Bhogya Vasundhara!!


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