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I welcome 2020 with the exciting announcement of Rajputana Collective going entirely digital. 


As I work on brushing up my creative skillset, I look forward to taking an indefinite print sabbatical in order to keep up with the sonic speed of our digital era. Most media platforms are finding it easier and more effective to inhabit online spaces, especially those that are independent and organic.

Moreover, the all-pervasive horrors of climate change further dissuade me from expending paper and its consequent waste in such large volumes.

That said, I assure all my esteemed readers that they will continue to have access to the posts & articles generated by Rajputana Collective via this website and our social media handles. With a renewed zest and vision to guide Rajputana Collective up another notch, I welcome everyone aboard to connect, collaborate, author, read, edit, share & spread the joy.

Veer Bhogya Vasundhara (the brave shall reap the Earth).

With best wishes, 

Urvashi Singh 


"Our heirlooms are not palaces and tiaras but our education received at the finest schools and colleges with access to the best facilities – an education that helps us give back.” Having worked in the field of development,communications and storytelling, the sisters realise the importance of media in shedding light on under-reported stories" - Mrinalika Bhanjdeo. To this, Akshita adds, “I have come to understand the powerof the media and my own privilege of being able to speak freely and wish to use my skills to create social impact and empathy for people who may not always look, talk and dress like us”.


Whilst Mayurbhanj remains their first love, the princesses aim to do more for their state. They feel strongly about changing the negative narrative of Odisha being a ‘poor state’ and speak knowledgably of ancient Kalinga as a powerful kingdomwith flourishing trade treaties with South East Asian countries among many others, about present-day Odisha’s rich natural beauty, glorious architecture as well as her dedication to sports.


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