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I welcome 2020 with the exciting announcement of Rajputana Collective going entirely digital. 


As I work on brushing up my creative skillset, I look forward to taking an indefinite print sabbatical in order to keep up with the sonic speed of our digital era. Most media platforms are finding it easier and more effective to inhabit online spaces, especially those that are independent and organic.

Moreover, the all-pervasive horrors of climate change further dissuade me from expending paper and its consequent waste in such large volumes.

That said, I assure all my esteemed readers that they will continue to have access to the posts & articles generated by Rajputana Collective via this website and our social media handles. With a renewed zest and vision to guide Rajputana Collective up another notch, I welcome everyone aboard to connect, collaborate, author, read, edit, share & spread the joy.

Veer Bhogya Vasundhara (the brave shall reap the Earth).

With best wishes, 

Urvashi Singh 


Hailing from a family of some of the country's leading vintage car connoisseurs, Baisa Vidita Singh of Barwani is a talented automotive artist with a signature collection of her own. Over the years, her spectacular paintings, which she terms as automotive art, have been exhibited alongside prestigious car rallies such as the Cartier Concours d'Elegance in Hyderabad and the Pebble Beach Concours in California. She is also a patron member at the Royal Fables exposition by Anshu Khanna. Baisa Vidita Singh's distinct style includes painting reflections of cars, car parts as seen on the chrome and painted surfaces of automobiles, as well as their mirrors. The shift of perspective as offered by her unique eye makes her work all the more endearing, as it makes it difficult for the viewer to walk by a painting without giving it another look.


Rajputana Collective is honoured to have conducted a Q&A session with the highly talented artist and to have gained some of her insights into her art inspiration as well as the finer nuances of her imaginative work.



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