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ZUU It Up with Dhruv Sisodia by Sanjay Singh Badnor

Meet Expedia's Senior Product Manager and ZUU pioneer, Dhruv Sisodia as he talks about the fitness phenomenon that changed his life. 

During his postgraduate studies in Melbourne in 2009, Dhruv came across a new Australian training program that he decided to inculcate in his daily regimen to stay fit. Established by Nathan Helberg, ZUU (pronounced as zoo) is a high-intensity bodyweight exercise program that focuses on primal movements. It helps one to work every single muscle group in their body, thereby comprehensively strengthening joints, ligaments and tendons through full range movement. In order to speed up fat burn and lean muscle mass, Zuu commands an increased heart rate through its intensity without compromising functional movements.  As he consistently began to pursue ZUU, Dhruv noticed a tremendous improvement in terms of his strength, mobility, flexibility and overall fitness. This fitness revelation was too great to keep to himself, thinking which he soon geared up to earn his certification as a ZUU trainer. “I started seeing the benefits of how this training regime could be applied to a wide variety of people, ranging from the average fitness enthusiast to the injury-prone athlete and armed personnel”, Dhruv says. In 2016, he qualified as an officially certified ZUU partner and launched his own company called Empowering Movement, through which he conducted ZUU sessions in multiple gyms and corporate companies such as Facebook.  While ZUU forms an effective workout on its own, its flexibility makes ZUU easy to integrate into existing workout regimens. As one of Singapore’s handful of certified ZUU partners, Dhruv purposefully adds, “I am proud to say that I have been able to help numerous people achieve their fitness goals, and this is what drives me to continue making a significant impact within the health and wellness industry.”

Dhruv Sisodia hails from the erstwhile state of Pratapgarh in Rajasthan. At 16 years of age, he re-settled in New Zealand with his parents and has lived abroad since. He bears a postgraduate diploma in management and has served several multinational companies before serving as an asset to Expedia in Singapore.

above: Dhruv performs a superman pushup

above: A one leg clap pushup



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