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Revival of the Crafts: JAYKIRTI

Once upon a time, in the Pink City a year after the second millennium, there was a young design graduate from Zorawarpura who was closing down her first shoe-retail outlet named ‘Stilettos’. As she was vacating the arcade space, she received an enquiry from a block printer who was looking to take up the spot after her. This inquiry spurred a new inquiry in the mind of the young designer- she went on to research block printing in the Pink City. And it was love at first sight. Initially, she designed a few block print garments for her friends. Soon after, with the tremendous response that her work received, she created her own printing blocks and offered samples to some established retailers in the field. Before she knew it, news of her design genius had reached far and wide, across several outlets in the country as well as abroad. Her unique take on block printing in the form of signature combinations, designs and quality had changed the way we looked at block printing forever.

This is the story of how Jaykirti Textiles was born and the pioneer behind it, none other than Jaykirti herself.

Being a self-financed woman entrepreneur as Jaykirti recollects, had its set of

Traditional block printing in practice

challenges. She lays particular emphasis on the 2009 recession, whereby the economic slowdown prevented buyers from following up on their contracted purchases at Jaykirti Textiles. Several partners moved to other ventures leaving her without the required resources to go on. However, Jaykirti’s never-say-die spirit and the support that she received from her near and dear ones kept her going and she overcame this challenge. Using her entrepreneurial innovation, Jaykirti invested in skill-building and introduced flexible working hours in a safe and healthy work environment. The close attention she paid at building and nurturing her loyal workforce resulted in the formation of Jaykirti’s exclusive cohort of dyers and block-printers alike. These artisans are wholly and solely dedicated to manufacturing their finest products exclusively for Jaykirti. Jaykirti’s genuine work ethics went far in not only reviving traditional crafts but also creating building a legacy in India as well as abroad. The rest is, as they say, history.

Today, Jaykirti Textiles’ exclusive shop stands on Jaipur’s Queen Road, offering its visitors a hand-picked collection of Jaykirti’s signature work. Vibrant anarkalis, elegant kota-doria dupattas, sarees and dressy, winter ponchos are just a few eye-catchers off Jaykirti’s ensemble.

As I strode through Jaykirti’s store, I selected several outfits with Jaykirti’s help and advice. She happily offered to customise a few kurtas for me. On finding out that kota-doria was my favourite fabric, she even offered to dye some prints of my liking that weren’t available in the store at that time. Her humble approach and the pleasure she took in showing me all of her creations was truly charming.

Jaykirti Singh's printmen at work

An eye-catching flower block-print design, which she has named after her daughter Mriganka was particularly striking. Not just because of its distinct colour palette and flower prints but because of the nostalgia that the designer carries with it towards her daughter. Hence, this selection of mine is one that I will forever cherish. As I wear it on a sultry day in Delhi, I can’t help but remember the design maestro’s favourite quote “If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again.

Jaykirti Singh


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