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NewX features 'Royal Custodians' with Uday Pratap Singh

Yesterday, at 7PM IST, national news channel NewsX conducted a live panel discussion with nine representatives of Rajput culture and heritage to discuss the various impacts that the global pandemic had born on their respective fields of specialisation. The panel moderated by star anchor Uday Pratap Singh in a special show titled 'Royal Custodians'.

The featured cohort comprised of iconic fashion designer Raghavendra Singh Rathore of Jodhpur, textile revivalist Radhika Raje Gaekwad of Baroda, designer Kamini Singh, founder of Royal Fables Anshu Khanna, culinary revivalist Hemendra Singh of Bhainsrorgarh, environmentalist Padmaja Rathore of Jodhpur, hoteliers Yaduveer Singh of Bera and Avijit Singh of Rohet, and editor-in-chief of Rajputana Collective, Urvashi Singh.

The one hour-long panel discussed a wide range of economic sectors that have been bearing the adverse effect of COVID-19, and the various perspectives that the colourful panel offered further added to the richness of the conversation.

It has been a matter of immense pride for thousands of viewers to see various pioneers of Rajput cultural revival and heritage presentation appear on national news and occupy a thoroughly civilised and prestigious panel.

Watch the official recording of the show here.


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