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MIHIRGARH: The Ultimate Desert Paradise by SIDHARTH SINGH ROHET

A one-hour excursion south of Jodhpur will bring you to the visual unfolding of a fairy tale in the form of Mihirgarh, meaning the sun fort. A signature project by the Rohet family of Marwar, Mihirgarh makes the rustic depiction of a desert paradise that one has only fantasised thus-far. Exalting the concept of luxury to the highest-possible levels in every respect, the idea of Mihirgarh suffices at the very point where one’s imagination evades them.

For all those who are yet to visit its heavenly confines, what better justice would a description do than one by its owner, Sidharth Singh Rohet himself? Hence, Rajputana Collective makes no further delay in featuring Mihirgarh in the words and style of its very own hospitality mogul.

A silhouette of Mihirgarh against the sunset

One of those afternoons, I stumbled upon a treasure. "Mali Nathji ka Dhora", the sacred dune dedicated to the Warrior God in Marwar was a place of breath taking beauty. Sprinkled with historical importance and mythology, this dune seemed to speak to me. Many happy days passed by as I sat there, mesmerized, watching the perfectly choreographed dance of the shrubs and the gentle desert winds. When I would head home, a wondering would accompany me, "how do I share this precious gift with others?”

While growing up, the question answered itself. In fact, it became an image. How would it be to build a fort here, an elegant brown structure, which would look as if it has emerged from the desert itself? One of those evenings when Rashmi, my wife (and soul mate), and I were standing at the dune and soaking in the splendid sunset, inspiration struck. The image, so undefined until then, started becoming clear. Wide strokes and clean architectural lines seemed to make their presence prominent in our minds. Mihir Garh, the Fort of the Sun, was conceived that day.

Guided by intuition, rather than reason; inspired by emotions, rather than rationale, bit by bit we gave our dream a form. More than a hundred carpenters, craftsmen and artisans from the region have worked tirelessly along with us, over two years to make our dream a reality. Harsh summers have not stopped them from creating a fort par excellence.

We visualized and they realized - every nook and corner of Mihir Garh was taken care of together. Rashmi has personally designed everything from the colour schemes and combinations to the last door knob and curtain holder. In 2009, when Mihir Garh was completed, we realized that with the help of our very talented team we had achieved something remarkable: a haven where the glorious past rubs shoulders with the contemporary chic, to give you the experience of a life time.

This fort holds nine magnificent suites. Each one is more than 1700 square feet of pure luxury. Private Jacuzzi's or plunge pools with each suite, re-define the word indulgence. Numerous alcoves, lounges and common areas commanding a spectacular view have been designed so you can experience intimacy - with yourself and another. By personally appointing the staff, we are rest assured that Mihir Garh will be able to provide high standards of hospitality to you amidst the vast wilderness of the Thar.

From village safaris to royal picnics, from the novel experience of riding some of the finest specimens of horses, to watching an antelope prance past, or simply gazing at the magnificent night sky after a Shikar Dinner, Mihir Garh will keep you yearning for more. And just when you feel you have experienced everything there was to experience, it may surprise you with something... something new to wonder upon.

Why Mihirgarh?

…because Mihir Garh is an exclusive nine suite boutique hotel where each room offers you more than 1700 sq. of pure luxury. The private terraces, courtyards, plunge pools and Jacuzzi seem to whisper a single word: Indulge. Here, serenity and splendour come together to create an experience for you. While exotic drinks from your personal mini-bar become the manna for a sultry summer afternoon, the fireplace morphs into an intimate friend for wintry nights. You can pamper yourself with the variety of treatments available at Mihir Garh's Vilasa spa or rejuvenate at the poolside while watching the endless deserts meditate with the horizons. The delectable cuisines too aim to please - from traditional to continental - to suit your palate.

...because Mihir Garh acts an envoy of Rajasthan's rich heritage and culture. The majestic fort seems to emerge from the desert and complements the rugged beauty of the land. The workmen (over a hundred of them) come from the region itself bringing in the local lilt. The soft, stylish furnishings have been bought from the Jodhpur region alone. The village women of Khandi and Haji have lovingly created the fireplaces using age old technique of cow dung and clay! From paintings to curtain holders, every little thing has been specially designed for Mihir Garh.

...because Mihir Garh offers you a plethora of activities. The village Safari is our signature program and guests across cultures have referred to it as the "highlight" of their stay. The equestrian program is equally special as our horses belong to the famed ˜Marwari' breed - an ancient and indigenous breed of India, offering you an unparalleled riding experience. Al fresco breakfasts, amidst nature, ensure your day begins well. Royal picnics from an era long gone beside a lake so you can luxuriate under the specially designed tent while the, traditionally dressed servers cosset every need of yours. Culinary workshops and demonstrations are held so guests can learn to make the delicacies that they enjoy here. The recipes come from books on traditional Rajasthan cooking authored by the owner's mother, Late Thakurani Sahiba Jayendra Kumari.

Why Mihir Garh, you ask. And we tell you, Mihir Garh because, it is a tribute to all the things Rajasthan is best known for: A rich culture, warm hospitality, the majestic desert and of course, an experience that lingers on…

The Suites

In the suites of Mihir Garh, you will be living The Paradox: modern amenities in a city know for its traditions; soft stylish furnishings within a barren land. Indeed, sheer indulgence amidst vast wilderness.

At Mihir Garh we have nine magnificent suites and each offers you over 1700 square feet of private space. Alishan is the name given to the suites on the ground floor, each of which comes with its own plunge pool and personal courtyard. Meanwhile, the suites on the first floor are called Shandar and have an exclusive open air Jacuzzi along with a private terrace. Alishan and Shandar - the names come from the fine Marwari Stallions from the Rohet Stables.

The suites have been personally visualised and realised by us with the help of our talented team. Every detail is taken care of: The smallest of furnishings have been handpicked after careful deliberation. At Mihir Garh we strive to offer you the very best: from furnishings to linen, as well as toiletries. The flooring of each room has been done using a special plaster technique known to only one man in the entire region. He along with a helper have put in hours of labour in creating the very exclusive floors that Mihir Garh boasts of.

To ensure absolute comfort, each suite is equipped with all modern amenities like flat screen TVs, DVDs, Tea & Coffee stations and mini bars. Meanwhile, to add to the contemporary chic, we have a touch of tradition in every room: hand crafted fire-places created by women from neighboring villages! The suites at Mihir Garh will morph themselves to fulfill your needs: be it for solitude or intimacy, for opulence or meditation.


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