LOCKDOWN SPECIAL: Tune in with Geeta Jhala

Ace singer and performer Geeta Jhala features on Rajputana Collective to lift some of your COVID-19 blues with her magical voice and a personal testimonial that she wrote out : -

During these testing times, many of us have found ourselves dealing with more psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and it has been so easy to feel alone and isolated. I for one- found myself stranded without family and friends, and initially found it really unnerving and unsettling. Moreover, it’s the feeling of the unknown that is most tough- not knowing what to expect or what to prepare ourselves for.

Although it sounds cliche for a singer, I seemed to find my solace and tranquility in music. I became more absorbed in positive lyrics and content and spent a lot of my time listening to more uplifting songs. Focusing on positivity especially on tough days, seemed to help me through.

I also began singing these more uplifting songs and started to frequently put up short one minute song covers on my social media handles. I feel it's important to focus whatever personally helps you best, however small or big your focus may be.

My personal advice to all those out there trying to contend with these dreadful times is this- try set yourself some kind of daily tasks whilst following a basic routine. Don’t forget to relax, look after your body and mind and just take each day as it comes.

Do follow me for my latest updates and check out my music at @missgeetajhala on Instagram and Facebook. My YouTube channel can be accessed via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8DTmeOody4Nk2iRX3JUOAg


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