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LOCKDOWN SPECIAL: Triraj Pratap Singh's Invincible Summer & Bhangra Hip Hop

A graduate from Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University, Triraj Pratap Singh of Trilokpur worked in the organic food and disability sector as a marketer before joining the defence forces. One fine morning, Triraj had enchanted his friends and followers on Instagram by sharing a desi adaptation of several hit numbers, which brought a smile to our faces and helped us beat the lockdown blues. Rajputana Collective is delighted to feature his dance video, as well as a testimonial written by him.

Like all other defence personnel, I was looking forward to my long awaited summer vacation, which was planned around a South-East Asian odyssey. The itinerary was prepared, the tickets were booked, and some of my closest friends had gathered to take this trip together. When I finally got my leave certificate in March I was all set to relive my college days and create memories worth a lifetime with my wolf-pack. But of course the almighty had different plans! With the lockdown imposed, the COVID outbreak spreading like wildfire, we soon accepted the fact that this trip would be a lost dream. Whatever said and done, being in the army taught me the value of staying at home while on leave. And while I was at it, I had no plans to while away my time cribbing about the things I could’ve otherwise done.

After some time of being posted in the remotest of locations, without connectivity, I realised that these are opportunities that I could use to do the things that eluded me in the past. Or let me put it in a way that I learned from Camus, that in midst of Kashmir’s winter, I found that there was, within me, an invincible summer. Gradually, I began to get a grip over my elusive creativity in the form of painting, reading and writing extensively. I also produced some music and involved myself in other forms of art and craft. It has been a beautiful couple of months for me, wherein I have been able to reflect on my journey thus far, and practice gratitude for the things that we often take for granted, such as fresh food and being connected to our loved ones.

Even though our holiday didn’t materialise, me and my friends found this time to be a good time to reunite and revisit our fond memories from yesteryears. Just like the good old days, we rehearsed and composed a few dance videos as a tribute to our school times and also to utilise our times during the lockdown as memorable. Besides this entertaining stint, I have also been sharing fitness videos and Instagram Live sessions with artists, psychologists and philanthropists in a joint bid to help stray animals and providing small refreshment kits to migrant workers.

Image, content & video courtesy: Triraj Singh


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