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LOCKDOWN SPECIAL: Staying hip with Kamakshi Singh

Meet Kamakshi Singh, the hip and fit scioness from the house of Trilokpur in Himachal Pradesh. A few years ago, this Himalayan princess adorned the arid sands of Rajasthan with her jovial charm as the kunwaranisab of Pokhran, and is the mother of a beautiful little boy. The intense transition caused by her familial and maternal responsibilities gave Kamakshi a special impetus to renew her twin passions of fitness and culinary indulgence. Not only has she redefined the meaning of a healthy life, but has done so while retaining unapologetic food indulgences within her fitness routine. Rajputana Collective is honoured to feature the diva in her own words : -

“The two things that I couldn’t do without were sweating it out in the gym; and eating delectable restaurant quality food. For more than two years, I had been working out consistently, and was able to derive progressive results without switching to supplements or starving myself out.

I followed the simple technique of creating a caloric deficit, not by eating less but by burning more. This way, I was eating whatever I wished to, and my affinity towards hitting the gym increased by manifolds.

In this pandemic scenario, I, like many others was devastated to be barred from the gym and eating out. In time, I realised that keeping priorities at bay and being ‘aatmanirbhar; was the best way forward. Hence, I began a home workout program with the online support of my fitness trainer. I also educated myself about calisthenics and was surprised to learn the scope of what I could achieve at home with minimal or no equipment.

Alongside this, my knack of experimenting in the kitchen made me try new recipes at home that were received very well by my loving family. I churned out an increasing range of treats under the label of EatWeaveLove and am motivated to share my handiworks with my friends and family. My husband is delighted to be at the receiving end of rich, fudgy brownies that he complimented me by equating with Theobroma!

Thus, it is the subtle art of health and wellness that has enriched my lifestyle and kept me driven throughout the lockdown.

Kamakshi readily shares one of her seasonal favourites for us all to try out in the kitchen and more importantly, to share the fulfilment that she derives out of baking : -


Mix 200 grams of ground Digestive biscuits with 100 grams of melted butter, and refrigerate this mould as a base. For the filling, mix 3 ground mangoes with 200 grams of cream cheese, 200 grams of whipping cream, 150 grams of powdered sugar and 15 grams of gelatine. Pour this filling into the biscuit base and refrigerate overnight!


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