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LOCKDOWN SPECIAL: Home workouts & fitness with Abhay Singh Chittora

Meet my childhood best friend and stud fitness icon, Abhay Singh Chittora, who is an upcoming health trainer, as well as an aspirant of calisthenics. My chubby partner in crime through the earlier years of my life, Abhay's complete makeover not only left me speechless, but won my admiration and praise for his hardwork, focus and unbending discipline. Today, Abhay has an entourage of gym-goers who are inspired by his fitness journey, and follow workout protocols that he customises for them as per their respective abilities and goals.

During the lockdown, Abhay's inaccessibility to the gym has only fuelled his fitness impetus to reach out for more while being home. My daily Instagram feed conveys exercise regimens that Abhay is seen performing on his home terrace. Upon being requested to feature, he was very kind to share some effective home-based workouts that fitness enthusiasts can follow sans any gym equipment. While this is a generalised exercise protocol, those in search of more customised programs are welcome to send an e-mail to Alternatively, his Instagram handle is @abhaychittora.


-Focus more on bodyweight endurance workouts with minimum equipment 

-Still, to add resistance we can use a variety of things easily found at home like bottles , buckets , bricks , backpacks , books etc.  

1. Tabata workout - 8 rounds of 20 second workout with 10 second rest, usually repeated 5-8 times  - burpees   - plank twists  - push ups  - bicycle crunches  - mountain climbers   - jump/air squats   - high knees  - fast feet rumbles  2. Core + Cardio - one set of cardio movement followed by one set of abs , repeat 10-20 times  Abs circuit                                         Cardio movements - crunches  x 25                                             - jumping jacks  - russian twists x 20 each side                       - burpees  - leg raises x 25                                              - skipping  - side toe touches x 20 each side                  - sprints  - dead bug x 30 seconds                                - 2-4 flight of stairs climb  3. Balance, Movement , Calisthenics -  using our own body weight to shock the body   - pull ups                - crab walk         - wall walk to handstand   - pike push ups      - inchworm         - hollow hold/ V-hold  - bulgarian lunges  - gorilla walk.      - pistol squats   * depending on one's level of fitness they can progress or regress each movement accordingly , one hour of practice to perfect these movements will challenge the body in multiple ways 

Image & content courtesy: Abhay Singh Chittora



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