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  • Urvashi Singh


It's high time that our homegirls had a meme post of their own.

1. Ever wondered who invented sipping vodka/whiskey pretending it was lemonade/cola?

2. Getting good grades, a career and a suitable match aren't the only things that we need to tackle... *drum rolls please*... the padla :P

3. Weddings don't just mean decorative saris or anarkalis- they mean a poshaak, rakhri, mehri, lead-heavy earrings and a precise order of bangles. And we do it LIKE A BOSS.

4. Nose-pins are customary, not just a trend that Madonna started (yeah, that too ;) )

5. We don't friend-zone unsuitable Banas, we bhai-zone them.

6. Speaking of whom- Yes, we get it, many Banas had a tough time with high school math and don't always graduate in their first shot... BUT

7. You can take the Baisas out of the ghoomar/garba, but you can't take the ghoomar/garba out of the Baisas

8. Ofcourse we're about more than just alcohol and laal maas... but let's be honest

9. Although we enjoy the exemptions that come with playing along the "can't to math/science Rajput" stereotype, some of us are actually good at it.

10. Speaking of which, we don't believe in free-riding on our Data's and thikaana brands.

11. As much as we pretend to dislike Honey Singh, play his songs a couple of large pegs later and we be like...

12. We know the consequences behind telling the truth about our age after a certain point of being unmarried

13. We can switch from speaking in our regional dialect to English (and back) faster than Pitbull says...

14. We know what it feels like when matrimonial talks ignore important aspects of our childhood/jawaani and still come out strong :P

15. If you thought your world was small, think again. We're talking about Rajput communities here.

16. Did namaste's, sasriyakal's and vanakkam's become too mainstream?

17. Don't bombard us with stereotypes... we might just surprise you.

18. Not all of us studied feminism... but we take our basics very seriously.

19. Speaking of love, we can be die hard romantics. Testimony?

20. We're as charming, witty and fun as our infamous brethren, but have a higher tolerance of alcohol and a much, better sense of humour.

21. And lastly, we put 21 reasons instead of 20, because


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