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Lights, Rangbari, Action! : Krishnapal Singh Chundawat

Ever since, Chundawat has covered eight such Rajput weddings and is bettering his production skills as he progresses. Apart from his struggle to break through into a skilled industry with no prior background in photography and videography, Chundawat mentions the stereotypes that he had to battle on a personal front. In his words, “it was challenging to convince my parents that I wanted to pursue a profession that they or the society did not consider respectable. Especially so since I was leaving my job in the finance sector to enter the wedding industry. However, one’s courage and determination triumphs in the end, as did mine.”

His selective approach towards Rajput weddings, however, benefitted him over other prospectives as his clients trusted him with the cultural know-how that is imbibed within the Rajput community. He also adds an important reason for his exclusive selection of Rajput weddings, which he identifies as authentic content with immense coverage potential. Having had begun his journey within Rajasthan, Chundawat hopes to expand Rangbari Cinema to other Rajput states as well as other avenues of wedding services, such as event planning and decor. “I want to work towards my culture, my people and to put Rajputs on the world map for their cultural heritage. I also gain tremendous satisfaction from the fact that my work essentially helps people cherish memories of a lifetime and the happiness of a satisfied customer is indeed priceless”, he concludes.

Rajputana Collective wishes the team of Rangbari Cinema every success.


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