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Going Inwards with SUNAINA RANA: International Day of Yoga Special

The lockdown has left us no choice but to be with ourselves, which has been eye opening for many. The absence of daily rhythms and activities can make some feel uncomfortable and at times without direction. For many fortunate ones this has been a great time to spend time with family, cultivate hobbies and catch up on other aspects. This has also been a time of increased focus towards the spiritual aspect of life, which is much needed. Like the external world, there is much to explore and discover when we go within, and both go hand in hand.

My experience of going inward daily has been akin to an internal bath or taking a car to a mechanic to improve it in every sense. Giving more love and attention to ourselves can help sharpen our capabilities. It helps distance from thoughts and emotions that one tends to identify with. It takes one to a blissful space within, which also enhances perception. It brings a union within us through which we can feel a union with all life forms on this planet. Experiencing this can combat many issues ravaging our world including poverty, racism and wars.

In these circumstances, yoga and meditation can also help build immunity and cope with stress. I’d like to share two lessons that I’m working on daily. First, we can never have complete control over external situations, however hard we try; but how we choose to respond is within our control. While it’s hard to reach a state of detachment, we can strive towards it by making our internal faculties strong, stable and balanced. Second, we don’t get far by pursuing success at the cost of wellbeing and health. Balancing the material and spiritual world is key, because only then can we enjoy the bounty of our hard work in both worlds, through the course of our lives.

Image and content courtesy: Sunaina Rana


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