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Freedom in a frame: Uditchandra Pal

Ramathra's Uditchandra Pal joins Generation Z's fleet of creative youngsters in finding his expression in artistic forms. As a child, he tried his hand with the colour palette and graphite but found lesser satisfaction with these mediums. Udit eventually turned to photography as his dominant art form and hasn't looked back ever since.

"I learned ways to paint with my camera. I'm a documentary photographer who wants to see and show the world the story of the lands he lives in, could be anywhere! I photograph life. I've photographed Bombay, Bangalore, Goa and now the greater Ranthambore landscape of Kailadevi in Rajasthan with a Fujifilm, a Nikon and my smartphone. I feel I can make a good photograph of anything or anyone if I get the time I need! My Instagram work I don't follow any photographic rules, never unethical but always free", says the young visual artist.

Udit's short stint at Goa's The One School, followed by collaborations with several photojournalists in Mumbai provided him the chance to further hone his photographing skills. He expresses his gratitude for belonging to a privileged family, as a result of which he can flaunt his creativity without being concerned about its commercialisation. Instead, Udit aspires to pay an ode to his homeland through his photographic work. He is highly conscious about upholding his inbred values of conservation and sustainability throughout his artistic conduct. Speaking of which, he elaborates, "I'm lucky my family lives a sustainable and simple life in the wild at our home in Ramathra; and have always thought about giving back to the land. The freedom I live with is my artistic inspiration and focus. Conservation, coexistence, and sustainability are what our future depends upon, and I'm working on it."

Here are some of my handpicked favourites from Uditchandra Pal's portfolio.

Udit's work can be followed via his Instagram handle, @uditchandrapal . He is yet to launch his own website.



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