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Experiential Hospitality with PARTHVI SHAKTAWAT

It took Parthvi six months of extensive and meticulous planning in order to materialise a party that marked the 432nd New Year’s Eve at her ancestral home of Bhindar in 2011. Her first project as an upcoming hotelier, Parthvi’s nervousness heightened further when, uptil the 30th of December, not a single pass for her party had been sold. She never forgets the sleepless night that followed. This had been her chance to prove herself professionally but the unpopularity of her idea made it seem as if all the disbelievers were right. But then arrived the literal and metaphorical dawn of Parthvi’s budding career when she received over 200 enquiries the following day and her party was sold out as ‘the best new year party in Udaipur.’ And just in an incident so minor and yet so powerful, Parthvi’s heritage village went from being unknown to popular.

Recounting this as one of her favourite experiences as a hotelier, Parthvi Shaktawat of Bhindar takes us through the alternate genre of experiential hospitality as she has uniquely carved out at her home turf.

Image courtesy: Tina Motwani
Parthvi Shaktawat


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