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DR. KARAN SINGH OF JAMMU & KASHMIR: An Idealist Ahead of His Times

A celebrated statesman, scholar, philosopher, philanthropist and poet, Dr. Karan Singh stands as amongst the last few remnants of a bygone era with a life story that most people could at best dream of. Having served as the last ruler of Jammu and Kashmir after its accession to the Indian state, Dr. Karan Singh proceeded to paint the nation’s democratic canvas as the youngest-ever union cabinet minister under the leadership of the then Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi.

The seven exciting decades upon which his professional career chanced to ride ensured that Dr. Karan Singh had the rare opportunity of serving India as a royal custodian, as well an elected statesman. An eminent harbinger of idealism and regal relinquishment, Dr. Karan Singh has been proactively associated with every democratic election in the history of the Indian republic, if not as its candidate then amongst its electorate. With an eight terms-long service in both the chambers, very few Indians have known the evolution of the Indian Parliament at closer quarters than he.

In its fourth issue, Rajputana Collective is honoured to feature the life and legacy of the impressively crisp and upright 87-year-old Dr. Karan Singh, followed by an exclusive interview wherein the celebrated gentleman shares his views on democracy, dissent and the evolving idea of a New India.


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