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Culinary Fables with Chef AKSHRAJ JODHA: the RAJASTHANI BAATI

You cannot have returned from a visit to Rajasthan without being acquainted with the iconic baati.

These earthy wheat dumplings are best-acknowledged by flocking tourists as a component of the daal baati churma trio that requires no prior introduction. However,

Chef Akshraj Jodha

beyond the premises of tourist hubs such as Choki Dhaani, the baati finds authentic mentions in most traditional households of the state- urban as well as rural. From the mansion of a Marwari businessman to the humble farmer’s rasoda (kitchenspace), its omnipresence justifies the baati as Rajasthan’s most staple bread.

In this edition, Rajputana Collective joins Chef Akshraj Jodha to briefly unravel the legacy of the Rajasthani baati- its regal origins, its artisanal evolution and the diverse range of baati varieties that are enjoyed in contemporary times.


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