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LOCKDOWN SPECIAL: Lockdown Portraits

Presenting a series of portraits shot during the lockdown at my ancestral home in Khimsar. This is an ongoing series of work titled 'Shakti', and is inspired by the feminine energies that each one of us inherently possesses. It is also my attempt at documenting the unique aura of every individual who has graced my frame as its subject. A deliberate situation of the subaltern alongside its elite counterpart is done to retain their respective agencies in their own right, and to diversely represent the Rajput identity in its various facets. The seemingly domesticated but internally unbridled feminine energies that reside in each person- male, female, fluid and ambiguous are celebrated in this series of portraitures.

© Urvashi Singh Photography

Lakshmi Raja: The divine embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi and a vibrant reflection of Durga.

Ma: The conglomeration of Saraswati, Durga & Lakshmi

Chanda: The waxing eclipse of the Moon

Tri Devi 1: Megha, Kaushalya & Chanda

Tri Devi 2: Megha, Kaushalya & Chanda

Shakuntala Part 1

Shakuntala Part 2

Ashwinis Part 1

Ashwinis Part 2

The Desert Geisha and her brandished umbrella

Laksmi Raja: The Sun and its rainbows

Apsaras & Gandharvas: Downside Up

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