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Chattisgarh’s Literary Prodigy: Twisha Singh Thakur

While most of us battle performance pressure around our board examinations, Chhattisgarh’s Twisha Singh Thakur goes above and beyond with her unique mettle. Just around her class X central board examinations in 2019, this wonder became India’s youngest writer of philosophical fiction. Her debut novel, titled A Carol of Him was received with much praise, and soon made it to the Amazon Top 100 philosophy bestsellers.

Twisha Singh Thakur

“A piece of philosophical fiction, my debut novel is about the day-to-day dilemmas that we all face, like Carol. " Him " refers to two contemporary sides of a situation; the good and the bad, the white and the black, the God and the Satan. And how we often find ourselves in the middle of them, to choose either side in every turn of life, and how we, as humans, be in the grey”, Twisha elaborates. For this, the 18-year-old garnered significant critical acclaim as well as accolades for her authorial credibility.

The following year, the literary prodigy came out with her second book, titled Candour. Speaking of which, Twisha says, “Candour consists of various types and genres of poetry like sonnets and ballads, of nature, the supernatural, mysteries, courage, valour, philosophy and self-help. It is a perfect little book for everyone who wishes to tickle whatever mood they’re in, in a rhythmic and soothing way.”

News of Twisha Singh Thakur’s inspirational authorial journey gains further significance considering the dismal state of affairs on Chattisgarh’s educational front. With a lesser literacy rate to begin with, recent census figures indicate Chattisgarh’s female literacy rates lagging behind by over 20 percent. Given that it is this very region of skewed educational ratios that gave birth to the young writing genius is duly reassuring.

Twisha admits to having an instinctive connection with the art of writing. She reminisces over her childhood, wherein she would bail out of other activities to grant herself some writing space. In her own words, “I ponder a lot, I was a curious child, curious about the mysteries of the universe, the energies and the vibrations, the nature, complexities of humans and history.” For encouraging her to pursue her authorial dreams, Twisha gives immense credit to her family, especially her mother. “My source of inspiration for thinking, giving base to my writings is my mother, who herself recited thoughts of mysteries of the universe instead of bedtime stories to me when I was younger. And my family encouraged me to think, ponder, write”, she adds.

At present, the India Book of Records recognises Twisha to be the youngest writer of philosophical fiction in the nation, and Chattisgarh’s Chief Minister, Shri Bhupesh Baghel too awarded the young author an eminence award. Her story comes as a breath of fresh air for all aspiring writers, thinkers, innovators and makers of social change. She concludes with an endnote that is as inspiring as herself, “I feel that it's essential for the world to see the intellectual side of young Rajputs of India alongside their courage and valour. I am also a motivational speaker, motivating the youth with ideas of history, philosophy and essential skills like writing. Self-help, after all, is the first step towards social help.”

Twisha being felicitated by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Bhupinder Baghel (image courtesy: CGInnovate)

Twisha's felicitation by the India Book of Records earlier in 2020


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