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A Sneak-Peek Into Cheebu World with GEETA JHALA

As most of us gradually begin to surface from our extended lockdown blues, singer and ace performer Geeta Jhala has her own story to tell. The prodigious vocalist from Gujarat has creatively harnessed her expertise in order to create Cheebu World, a children’s brand in its own right. Rajputana Collective is proud to launch the first-ever sneak peak into Geeta’s exciting new venture that is likely to alter the world of animation and learning forever.

In her own words: -

Cheebu World was founded in an attempt to combine the magic of the jungle with music and creative development for young kids aged between 2 to 6 years. Whilst researching the children’s market, I saw an acute shortage in original creative content. I then put my musical mind to task and developed a ‘one- stop’ source of entertainment and learning where kids could be taken into a musical odyssey through the jungle.

After intensive research, I found that kids between the ages of 2 and 6 are at their inquisitive and observant best, and are very eager to grasp new things. Therefore teaching them about the creative arts and educating them about their favorite animals could be designed into a meaningful model of education vis-à-vis societal and family relationships, skills that are imperative to their personal development.

Through a pivotal set of eight characters: Roary, Lango, Smarty, Bara, Slo, Chirpy, Daado and Snappy, I also aim to instill the idea of conservation and preservation in our jungles. Kids will be shown the importance of planting trees, saving water, reducing pollution, plastic waste management, and the protection of endangered species. Given the present milieu, I am personally invested in imparting creative education to our future generations as my own way of contributing towards a more environmentally-conscious and aware world.

The talented artist-turned-entrepreneur will be launching her apparel range next month and aims to develop Cheebu World into a motion picture someday.


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