A collection of some distinguishing works,


I documented a series of ten self-portraiture diptychs within the four walls of my room. All images have been taken without any secondary presence or simulation.

The deliberate setting up of my own solitary confinement was done with the intention of compelling myself to plunge into an uninterrupted reflection sans any distractions of the external world.

What I experienced as a result of this activity was an insight into my internal conflicts. I took a brief respite to applaud their occasional resolutions before my conflicts metamorphosed into different forms and shapes. Through this endless flux, I also observed the multiple layers of my own Self.


My purposeful draping of the physical form in a plain t-shirt and house pyjamas has aided me in focusing on unveiling the diverse energies that flow beneath my ephemeral skin.

As an artist who enjoys travel photography as well as portraiture, I began to realise how complicated the Self as a subject can be. I also learned that oftentimes, the absence of aesthetic and spatial mediation lends to a powerful exploration of our own Selves, for in the midst of our ever-continuing conflicts, the only way out is IN.