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By the means of a recently-completed diploma module on Product Photography by the renowned maestro of photography Mr. Sanjib Sen, I gained the opportunity to practice shooting products using studio lights.


The gear used for these products are a Nikon D810, Fujifilm XT30, Elinchrome & Godox lighting and modifying gear and very basic Photoshop techniques for the purposes of colour correction and image sharpness. The added simulation rendered to commercial or industrial photography lacks in this piece of work as I have tried to produce results that have minimal Adobe invasion.


This abstainment has led me to pay a closer focus on the process of shooting rather than being casual in an approach that guarantees excessive post processing. My learning curve continues to grow and viewers are requested to bear in mind that all these shots have been taken within the first month of learning product photography and hence, any minor faults/ glitches beg your pardon for their nascence. Evidently, perfumes and luxury items are my favourite subjects.

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